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Why Military Ethos

Why Choose a Military Ethos for Your Students?

Simon Dean, Founder and CEO of Challenger Troop CIC, believes that incorporating a military ethos can significantly benefit your students and your school.

 Challenger Troop’s programmes are built upon a foundation of core values and standards inspired by the British Army. “Our instructors consistently reinforce these values throughout our programs, says Dean.

“We believe these principles are essential for young people to understand what’s expected of them at school and equip them with the tools to become positive students.”

Building Strong Individuals

The program focuses on developing seven key values:

Courage – Equipping students with the life skills to tackle both moral and physical challenges.

Discipline – Encouraging self-control, restraint, and adherence to rules and codes of conduct.

Respect for others – Fostering positive interactions by teaching students to listen, understand, and appreciate others.

Integrity – Highlighting the importance of trust, honesty, and truthfulness in building a strong character.

Loyalty – Developing a sense of faithfulness, commitment, and positive emotional attachment.

Selfless commitment – Instilling the value of dedication to a cause or activity, prioritizing others’ needs.

Setting high standards

Challenger Troop goes beyond just values; it emphasizes setting high personal standards. This is achieved by:

Upholding the Law – Encouraging students to understand and respect the law, fostering a sense of personal responsibility. 

Promoting Appropriate Behaviour – Guiding students to behave appropriately, correcting inappropriate behaviour, and implementing consequences to ensure positive change.

Leading by Example – Staff exemplify professionalism in all interactions, emphasizing appropriate dress code, healthy habits, and self-discipline.

Encouraging Application – Challenger Troop promotes the consistent application of these values and standards in all aspects of students’ lives, at home, school, and in the community.

Empowering Positive Change

These values and standards empower students, especially those at risk of disengagement, to understand their roles within the school and society. The program equips them with the tools to become positive contributors in their classrooms, schools, and communities. Ultimately, Challenger Troop teaches them the value of hard work and education, demonstrating how these efforts pave the way for a brighter and attainable future.

Improved Student Outcomes

By incorporating Challenger Troop’s programs, your school can foster a student body that understands:

  • the importance of learning and academic achievement for their future success
  • the impact of their behaviour on others
  • the value of active engagement and cooperation in the classroom.

“The values are about character and spirit; the standards define our actions and behaviour” (said General Sir Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff British Army, January 2008).

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