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Soft Skills Learning Outcomes

In addition to the outdoor survival and bushcraft skills, participants will develop their social and work-life skills, as well as their personal and emotional well-being, including:

Resilience – learning to keep going when things don’t go according to plan, coping with the unfamiliar, managing disappointment and dealing with conflict

Teamwork – learning to connect and work with others to achieve a set task

Leadership – assessing the requirements of a task, identifying the strengths within the team, utilising the diverse skills of the group to achieve the set objective, awareness of risk/safety

Communication – demonstrating clear briefing and listening skills, not being afraid to ask for help and support when necessary

Emotional maturity and emotional health – learning to handle emotions including tolerance and behavioural responses, building positive friendships and bonding with peers and classmates, learning to show understanding and to demonstrate respect for the opinions, personal space and beliefs of others

Confidence and enthusiasm for learning – developing self-motivation, raised aspirations and belief in one’s own abilities, defining and committing to achieving one’s goals

Citizenship – raising awareness of one’s place and role within a community through volunteering and conservation opportunities

Responsibility – for one’s self, learning self-reliance and independence

Employability skills – time and resource management, conflict resolution, teaching and mentoring others

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"Outdoor learning is giving them back their childhood wonder and curiosity at new things, allowing them to experience the marvel of discovery and the learning that comes from taking risks"

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