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Our Outcomes

By participating in our programs, young people become:

• Confident Individuals – Ready to take on challenges and embrace opportunities.
• Effective Contributors – Valuable members of their classrooms and communities.
• Successful Learners – Equipped with the skills and motivation to excel in their studies.
• Responsible Citizens – Poised to make a positive impact on the world.

An independent report complied by researchers from the University of Brighton shows “significant improvements’ in pupils and young people’ self-control and management of behavior, social skills, self-awareness, skills for learning and approach to learning”.

The report concluded that “Challenger Troop courses enable pupils and young people to develop self-assurance, respect, grit, resilience and life-skills” and “the courses offer some alternative approaches to learning, provide new opportunities, experiences and skills and provide the challenge for pupils and young people to reach their potential in life.”

Improvements in Behaviour and Social Skills found in Primary Pupils and Secondary Students:

1. Primary Pupils: 

Key findings from data provided by teachers who scored pre and post a six-week (1 day per week) core primary programme:

  • 65% of pupils improved their scores in the teachers’ assessment for self-control and management of behaviour
  • 59% engaged more often in assessed social skills
  • 66% pupils made positive changes in self-awareness and confidence
  • 57% showed advancements in their skills for learning
  • 61% demonstrated a better approach to learning

Overall, the primary pupils showed the greatest improvement in the attitude of ‘can acknowledge own problems and is willing to discuss them’ and ‘shows an enquiring mind’ was the attribute where the highest improvement was reported.

For primary pupils, the report “showed repeatedly that largest changes were shown in maintaining appropriate levels of behaviour when the class routine was disrupted, coping and working with groups and developing a sense of humour. In summary, primary school children showed most improvements behaving more appropriately in the classroom environment and working better with others”.

2. Secondary school students: 

Key findings from data provided by teachers who scored pre and post a twelve-week (1 day per week) core KS3 ,4 & 5 programme:

  • 72% of students improved their self-control and management of behaviour
    • ‘behaves appropriately in all areas of the school building’ was the area that showed the largest positive change in behaviour followed by ‘shows some self-discipline when others try to encourage deviation’.
  • 66% showed positive changes in their social skills
    • The area of ‘can cope with a large group situation’ showed the largest positive change in behaviour, followed by ‘can work alongside others in group situation without disruption’.
  • 64% made positive changes in self-awareness and confidence
  • 59% showed advancements in their skills for learning
    • ‘ pays attention to class discussions’ showed the largest improvement
  • 61% demonstrated a better approach to learning
    • ‘will sit appropriately without causing disturbance in any given area on request’ showed the largest positive change in the area of approach to learning’

Secondary school students showed the most improvement in the areas of ‘can accept responsibility for his/her actions’ and ‘has the confidence to approach new situations’

The report concluded that “the largest improvements have been reported for secondary students in advancing their behaviour in the school environment by being less disruptive, they were also better with groups showing an awareness of to others in class discussion as well and accepting responsibility for their own actions.”

Participant feedback:

  • 82% of participants self-reported that they have changed their attitude, behaviour and working practices as a result of attending a Challenger Troop programme
  • 63.7% stated that they would take more responsibility for themselves
  • More than 67% felt more confident
  • 62% wanted to improve the way they live, be more focused in class, follow instructions and be a better person as a result of CT courses
  • 75% of participants identified the course was very beneficial in helping them make significant changes in their lives

Improvements in Attendance:

  • Overall less unauthorised absences recorded
  • Improved attendance and punctuality identified by senior school staff
  • 31% of pupils self reported improvements in their attendance
  • Special School pupils were more likely to stay in class as a result of CT

Improvements in Attainment:

  • 87.8% of pupils increased their levels in Mathematics, 96.6% in English Reading and 72.4% in English Writing *Ref: Interim report for Terms 1 to 4 (identified from an agreed starting level) Brighton University 2014

More information can be found in the reports – please click on the downloads in the right hand box. 

Holistic Approach

Our approach is holistic, we work with the family, supporting agencies, schools and the community to bring about positive change in our young peoples’ lives and instil a real sense of achievement and self worth, improved approach to learning, respect, behaviour and above all life aspirations.

We believe we all have a collective responsibility to nurture and support our young people, the future of our country.

Read more about our ‘soft skills’ learning outcomes here 

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"Outdoor learning is giving them back their childhood wonder and curiosity at new things, allowing them to experience the marvel of discovery and the learning that comes from taking risks"

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