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“I have worked with pupils with Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties now for 30 years and I believe the type of training offered by Challenger Troop is the most effective I have witnessed. I have personally seen the growth of formerly shy and withdrawn pupils into leaders and young men brimming with self-confidence gained from disciplined activities. The fact that there is a clear structure and line of command is tremendously important point for our pupils as many of them have varying places on the Autistic Spectrum. This constancy of approach allows them to feel secure whilst at the same time being able to feel confident in taking on new challenges. Through an army style hierarchy the pupils can quickly see real progress and this can lend a sense of purpose and aspiration.

What I believe is of real credit is the fact there are a range of developmental opportunities that suits the needs of the pupils at an individual level whilst still managing to inculcate a sense of teamwork and belonging. This is particularly relevant to pupils suffering from ASD and also those with attachment disorders of varying types.

The pupils look forward to going each week and it really has made a huge difference to those attending. There has also been a very positive attitude trickled into the classroom as some of the pupils have opted to do a BTec in Public Services alongside their GCSE in my own subject. This commitment has transferred itself to the classroom in other areas and for some who have decided a career in the army is for them, it has given a real sense of purpose.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this programme to any prospective school or organisation.”
2014 Gavin Weedy: Teacher, Goldwyn Community Special School, Ashford, Kent

“I can personally validate the high quality work that I am experiencing as Executive Head of Archbishop Courtney Primary school in Maidstone. My school is in special measures there are many challenges, and one of the major issues was five boys in Yr 6 who were at risk of permanent exclusion.” She went on to say that since they have been on the Challenger Troop course they “are changed characters; engaged in school, they are showing positive signs of maturity, and more importantly their general behaviour has improved dramatically…At the beginning of the course one of the students had a breakdown; the school contacted the team Leader who immediately sent a Team Instructor to the school. He spent the morning talking to the student and since that interjection there has not been one incident of misbehaviour or poor attitude.”

Lorna Briddle speaking at a meeting with 150 headteachers and senior Kent County Council officials from Tonbridge and Malling, and Maidstone, following a presentation on the Challenger Troop’s Early Intervention Tracks Project. 2014

It has created a better student tutor relationship, formed during the twelve-week session. Students seem to be more focused and engaged in lessons have been more outgoing and talkative. With some students it has brought out their leadership skills, which has helped and encouraged other members of the group to do well. It has improved most of the groups self-esteem and confidence to do well, It has improved their Anger management allowing them to cope more under stressful conditions, they also participate more and take on more responsibilities as their confidence has grown during the 12 week course, At the presentation Ceremony it was a very proud moment for them and their families when they receive their Certificates. two of the students were awarded their corporal’ strip, for making exceptional progress during the 12week course.

Rod Parr, Deputy Head of Centre, Will Adams PRU

“The students thoroughly enjoyed their day with Challenger Troop, please thank the three instructors, they were highly professional and very well organised. The children are desperate for Challenger Troop to return with one asking if they will be back next week! Although the children can be very demanding, they were very engaged in the activities offered by Challenger Troop and stayed on task for the entire one and a half hour session”.

Dean Wright. Post-16 Co-ordinator: Muntham House, West Sussex

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"Outdoor learning is giving them back their childhood wonder and curiosity at new things, allowing them to experience the marvel of discovery and the learning that comes from taking risks"

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