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Tiger Troop

This is a 2 hour session, 1 day per week held on the school site for 6 weeks.

Our Tiger Troop programme takes many of the key elements of the Primary core programme and tailors them so that they can be delivered in a shorter time span and on the school site. This programme will be finalised in consultation with the school as it allows for greater flexibility in terms of focus, whether it is on physical fitness, discipline or reward and the opportunity to tie-in with other appropriate in-school interventions.

“I was looking for an activity which would support interventions currently in place in school and enhance the skills pupils need to achieve in the classroom. The Tiger Troop programme, specifically designed for primary school-age children, fitted the bill as it places a huge emphasis on teamwork, listening and communication skills, whilst building resilience and a determination to succeed.” Miss C Powell, Headteacher at Rusthall, St Paul’s CE Primary School

Tiger Troop Programme Overview – written by one of our Tiger Troop Instructors

Each week is linked to a core value: Courage, Discipline, Integrity, Loyalty, Selfless Commitment and Respect (CDRILS). At the start of the session, we consider why the week’s core value is important, how it relates to them as an individual and what it brings them in a school setting. Rules are key and at the start of the course instead of laying out our rules to the pupil’s we ask them to come up with their own list of rules for the course and ask them to self-govern and follow the rules.

Each week follows a similar pattern. At the outset, we reiterate the agreed rules, cover CDRILS and undertake a foot drill excerise as it brings focus to the session. The week’s core value will be discussed and examples shared of when they have shown the value, and the importance of them using the value for the coming weeks. We link it to a classroom or school environment and life in general as well. This is reinforced throughout the session. They will take part in the sessions’s activity and then at the end we will revisit the core value, remind them to use it and to provide examples the following week.

Courage week: We ask them to show us their courage by completing our mobile challenge/obstacle course. They also show teamwork by working together to support less able pupils over the course. This is linked back to the classroom by showing where courage can be used.

Discipline week: We ask them to show discipline by patrolling around the school using only hand signals. This shows them the importance of discipline and proves to them that they can be silent. We then link this back to the classroom by showing that if they can be quiet for the whole time they are with us, then they can be quiet for a class teacher for a few minutes.

Integrity week: We will ask them to show integrity by undertaking our minefield command task. The objective is to get everyone through the minefield and not ‘lose’ anyone. They are showing integrity by being honest about knowing route through and guiding their blindfolded classmates. This encourages team working and showing leadership skills. This is linked back to the school by discussing why it is important you show integrity/honesty, for example, if you have done something wrong.

Loyalty week: We use team games to get them working together and being loyal to their team. This is finished with a tug of war tournament. We reiterate the importance of not letting their team down, trying their best and by doing this how they are showing loyalty. This is linked to the school environment by showing loyalty to their teacher, class, house and school.

Selfless Commitment week: This week we will use team games where everyone must be involved.There might come a point where someone has to sacrifice themselves/work hard for the team to achieve their goal. We link this back to the classroom by showing how they might have to work harder than others for their group to achieve a goal, pick up or clear up mess for others or even working with someone they may not like.

Respect week: This week we use our soft sumo and giant boxing kit. This teaches them to have respect for their opponent, be gracious winners and losers, to have respect for themselves and try their best.

Each week can be adapted depending on what you want as a school and focus on that particular area and core value. There is an enhanced focus on teamwork each week and everything is linked back to the classroom and school environment.

If you would like us to visit your school, please contact us now on 0845 548 5070. We look forward to working with you.

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