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Enrichment days – on and off site activities

Having worked with hundreds primary and secondary schools we have developed and created a desireable range of options that are flexible enough to suit a variety of needs and budgets, designed to meet your desired outcomes.

All of our daily activity courses can be adjusted and tailored to suit each school’s needs and budget.

Full day: This one-day programme is ideal for transition/leadership and/or teambuilding and is packed full of challenging team-based activities designed to build confidence and self-esteem.

“This day has been about the participants extending themselves, taking risks, trusting their abilities, being prepared to fail, but ultimately succeeding” Mrs Gordon, Senior Teacher, Fort Pitt Grammar School

Click here to read more about how Fort Pitt Grammer School for Girls, Rochester worked with Challenger Troop CIC to provide a leadership skills course which was then put to use as we supported the Sixth form as they facilitated a transition event for the new year 7’s

Seasonal experience/reward sessions: This is popular with larger schools who want the whole school to benefit. Each class (or group of participants) has one full day off-site activity session per 12-week term (three per year) with a different theme/activity per term. This programme has the particular additional benefit of building inter-class and inter-house relations.

Half-day: this is a condensed version of the one-day programme, held on a school site with a variety of teambuilding activities.

Two-hour session: An increasingly popular option being used as a weekly reward activity and/or engagement session. These are held on the school site and incorporate a variety of teambuilding activities for a class or a group of students. Sessions can take place during school hours or after school (activity sessions after school are held on the school site).

Staff in Service Training (INSET) Day: An activity-packed day designed to build team cohesion and camaraderie between all staff.


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"Outdoor learning is giving them back their childhood wonder and curiosity at new things, allowing them to experience the marvel of discovery and the learning that comes from taking risks"

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