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Programmes for Community Partners

As with our core programmes, the focus of these programmes is to engage young people, enhance their self-discipline, responsibility and attitudes towards others whilst developing confidence, self-esteem and life skills. There are a variety of programme options available to ensure we provide a tailored and holistic approach. With all the programmes, there is a strong focus on respect, responsibility and resilience and participants are asked to push themselves to reach goals they never thought possible, with the support and encouragement of our experienced ex-military instructors.

Bespoke, high impact intervention programmes

Typically these programmes last for 5 days with one overnight residential and are run in partnership with statutory bodies including Police Community Safety Units, Troubled Families and other council run outreach programmes who refer young people to us.

Over the course of the week, participants will undertake challenge and obstacle courses, TAB exercises designed to test and build fitness. They will learn basic camouflage, concealment and patrolling skills; spend one night outside learning to cook from scratch  for themselves, build shelters and test their resilience and independence skills before learning and practising basic strategy skills in laser gun battles.

At the end of the week, we hold an awards ceremony, which allows us to celebrate the achievements of all the participants with local dignitaries, parents, friends and wider family members. These awards celebrations focus on reward, celebration and inspiration. A real sense of pride is fostered between the participants and their instructors during the programme, and this is show-cased to the families present. The event includes watching the participants on parade, the presentation of certificates and the awarding of medals. This awards ceremony is key in supporting the long-term impact of our programmes.

Family Engagement Days

These one day programmes are an ideal opportunity for parents and children to spend quality time together away from the distractions of everyday living. Families are set challenges, sometimes taking them out of their comfort zones, under the support of our instructors, they are encouraged to support each other and work together to complete the challenges. These days typically enhance mutual respect and understanding amongst parents and children as well as a greater enjoyment of each other’s company as a family unit.

More Information

For further information on our community programmes: please contact Neil Andrews: Team Manager for Special Projects and Community Programmes

Email Neil

Examples of our Community Programmes 

Headstart Family Engagement Day Jan 2016 

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