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Chantelle’s Story

Only nine years old, Chantelle has scoliosis of the spine, stickler syndrome and glue ear, with associated effects being hearing loss, joint problems and eye abnormalities. By her own admission she can also be quite short-tempered and her biggest ambition on joining one of Challenger Troop’s programmes was just to complete the course. But she is doing much better than that!

In the words of her mum…“When people look at Chantelle they only see a disability, they don’t see my frustrated little girl who only wants to be viewed as normal. If people could see Chantelle challenge herself then maybe other children would realise that nothing is impossible. She comes home on a Friday with so much self-confidence and tells me how she has taken part in team challenges. When she arrived home this week covered in camouflage cream she barely made it through the door before having an outburst about all the wonderful activities she was able to take part in.”

Chantelle Cam cream


Beaming with joy, Chantelle herself told us: “This has been the best week for me so far! I’m always being told I can’t do activities and how I must remember to rest. Challenger Troop has allowed me to try new things. I really enjoyed Week One and the challenge course. There were moments when Sgt helped me over some obstacles but it was very new and exciting, I had to go over and under the bars and I loved it. My spine is bent so my parents don’t like me doing a lot. It stops me from doing much exercise, yet here I am able to try all these new and exciting challenges. When my body gets tired I sit and rest. I am waiting on my operation and when I have a new spine I can hopefully do more.  Today has been my best day, I loved getting camouflaged. Friday’s my favourite day.”

Chantelle and Friends


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Posted: 12, May, 2016
by Challenger Troop

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