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Tough Mudder

A team from Challenger Troop is preparing to take on “probably the toughest event on earth”, involving running, climbing, crawling, water, mud, electric shocks, 12-foot walls, fire, ice and underground mud tunnels. According to the official website “only 78% of entrants successfully complete each challenge!”

Lee Goodridge, Ross Goodey, and Matt Milner from our London team and Keith Marden from HQ began their concentrated training programme in January for the gruelling and demanding physical and mental challenge that is the Tough Mudder® event.   Described as a “hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by Special Forces to test your all-round strength, stamina, determination and camaraderie”.

So why are they doing it?  Well, for team leader Ross at least, it’s quite simple.  “It’s my 21st birthday around that time and everything else I could think of to do just seemed a bit boring”.  Never one to shirk a physical challenge, he already has some idea of what to expect after having competed in the Total Warrior event at the age of 17.  Matt’s 25th is also approaching and he too wanted to do something a bit different, whilst at the same time doing his bit for the Help For Heroes charity.  Likewise for Lee, who sees it as a way of supporting the team he manages at work by using the experience he gained during his time as an Army Physical Training Instructor (APTI), as well as raising funds for Help the Heroes, which would always have been his charity of choice. Lee describes the event as “more than a physical challenge, it is about the camaraderie and the feeling of accomplishment”, something which resonates with Keith, the oldest member of the team.  At 56, he is more than twice the age of Ross and Matt, but despite a comparatively sedentary office job, keeps himself fit with regular 10km runs.  Asked why he is competing, his reply was “I’ve no idea – maybe to see if I can…”

So, in their first joint training session, warm-ups were followed by two minutes of press-ups, sit-ups and a bleep test.  Results were logged, at the next session they’ll step it up a level.  And so it will continue, all the way up to April, when they’ll show us just what a bunch of ‘tough mudders’ they really are…

Please click on the donation link below so that you can show your support for the team and donate to Help for Heroes  Funds go towards providing combat stress recovery programmes, adaptive sports programmes, benefits counselling and employment services that aid in these soldiers’ transition to civilian life.

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Posted: 28, February, 2014
by Challenger Troop

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