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Enjoyment and Enthusiasm at Smarden Primary

We are thrilled to have our first guest blog, written by Freddie and Tesni (year 6) from Smarden Primary School, Kent who wrote about their Term 1 and 2 Challenger Troop programme and it was published in their local Parish Magazine.

“Enjoyment and enthusiasm is overflowing at Smarden School. The start to the new school year has been filled with exciting changes and challenges.

Woodpecker class (year 5 and 6) own Mrs Smith and Mrs Nesbit a great big thank you for organizing our most recent challenge….and we do mean challenge!

For this term, a fantastic organization called Challenger Troop is visiting our school each Friday. The challenge troopers help us with team-building and leadership skills. Similar to a military style boot camp, we are given uniforms, which we have been taught to iron, and army boots, which we have polished and polished until they sparkle.

At first it was a little daunting, especially when Sgt Coster and Sgt Knight made us complete a fitness test which included press-ups, sit-ups and very loud instructions! Don’t talk out of turn or its extra press-ups!

The tasks leave us feeling exhausted and proud. We work together and depend on each other to complete them. Our teachers tell us that we are already working more collaboratively and that we are building in confidence. We think they are right.

We only have half an hour for lunch on Fridays now and we enjoy eating with our fellow classmates.

The week we are looking forward to adventuring into the woods and doing an army remix of ‘hide and seek’. We will be disguising ourselves and trying to blend in to the local environment. Doing these types of activities is helping us learn new things about each other and finding out how good it feels to really push ourselves.

We are very excited to continue Challenger Troop and hope to keep you informed of what we do next.”

Freddie and Tesni Dec 2015

In the Feb edition of the Parish Magazine Stephanie Atkins wrote “A parent of a Year 5 pupil commented to me that her daughter, always happy to attend school, had never been so enthusiastic about Smarden PS as during the Challenger Troop weeks.”

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Posted: 22, April, 2016
by Challenger Troop

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