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Why we do, what we do

“Why we do, what we do”

This week marks the start of our termly awards period where each of our teams celebrate with their schools all the achievements the participants have made over the course of their particular programme. This is a wonderful time for us, as we have the chance to reflect on the programmes and the changes we have seen in the young people we work with. This week’s blog is from Sgt Laverie, one of our instructors working with schools in London who recently ran the awards ceremony for participants from Woodhill Primary School, Greenwich.

“This may seem a cheesy story, full of hokey sentiment but it was such a small thing that just made me stop and think.

“Our recent awards at Woodhill Primary School, reminded me why we do what we do. The format of the awards evening ran as usual. We showed a video of the course, told the parents all about the amazing things their children have done, along with funny anecdotes. We handed out certificates of achievement including certificates for completing the course, gaining entry into the 300 club, most improved student, runner up for top student and, top student. Participants and parents alike were proud of all that had been accomplished. So far all, all normal and standard for an awards evening.

“At the end of the ceremony, we spoke to parents, answered questions, posed for photos and started to pack up. At this point, one of the grandparents came up to me and told me with tears in her eyes how grateful she was that her grandson had been on the course. She went on to tell me how much it meant to her and how she had seen changes in him. He had become more confident, before the course, he would always hold her hand walking down the street, he was now walking on his own to the shops to buy sweets. She said he had started to express his own opinions on things where before he would accept whatever anyone said. He has also started standing up to people that bullied him at school, because before he was so timid.

“Obviously as his instructor, I had seen how he has changed. We had awarded him the most improved student award because of what we had seen. However, what I didn’t realise was the impact it had on the people closest to him. This small conversation, which only lasted a couple of minutes reminded me why we do what we do and the bigger impact it can have on families as a whole. It just proved to me how important the small things are, the value of the awards evenings and celebrating the students achievements.”

We are thrilled that Woodhill posted weekly updates of their adventures, which can be found here



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Posted: 28, June, 2016
by Challenger Troop

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