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Laddingford Primary Celebrates Success of Tiger Troop Programme!

Pupils from Laddingford Primary School recently graduated from our Tiger Troop programme, culminating in a celebratory awards ceremony. Proud parents watched as their children received certificates and medals in recognition of their achievements throughout the six-week challenge.

The Tiger Troop program put the pupils through their paces with a variety of physical and team-building activities, including sumo wrestling, drills, and tug-of-war. These engaging challenges were designed to foster resilience, work ethic, and a sense of camaraderie amongst the participants.

Head teacher Lucy Clark expressed her delight with the program’s impact, stating, “‘Tiger Troop has revolutionised behaviour at Laddingford. It has given children the skills to become resilient, hardworking individuals who not only care about themselves but more importantly, through a short 6-week program have developed the capacity to look out for others. The children have become a team. We can’t quite believe the impact the programme has had over such a short period of time and cannot wait to get our next Tiger Troop up and running!'”

Congratulations to all the Laddingford Primary pupils who participated in the Tiger Troop programme! We look forward to hearing about the success of the next group!


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Posted: 13, June, 2024
by Challenger Troop

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