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Aiming Higher Programmes

With youth unemployment at a record high we have developed the Aiming Higher programme. Designed specifically with NEETs in mind (not in education, employment or training) these programmes give young people the life skills and opportunities needed to overcome the barriers to employment.

Uniquely designed Aiming Higher programmes refocus young people to ensure they move forward with new found confidence and motivation. Our aim is to re-engage young people into the world of work, education or training. As such, Aiming Higher programmes focus on personal development and include positive educational approaches such as team building, interactive group work, leadership, personal discipline and independent working; essential for building social and employability skills.

Our programmes are ideal for young people from year 9 upwards; young people who are at risk of underachieving or becoming NEET. They are also suitable for young people aged 18 to 25 who are struggling with unemployment or with barriers that prevent them moving on into employment. These barriers have been identified to include leaving care, low confidence, being a young carer, poor mental health, substance abuse, being in receipt of benefits etc.

We combine interactive group work with coaching sessions targeted towards the individual issues of the young people attending. These issues can include psychological and behavioural barriers which can be the root cause of long term unemployment. Ways to overcome these barriers include developing thinking skills, resilience, self-belief, motivation, interpersonal and communication skills. The ability for young people to successfully set and achieve goals embeds itself across these programmes.

Participants develop positive communication and confidence building skills through:

  • Learning how to be confident in approaching someone new, whether a potential friend, employer or colleague.
  • Learning how to recognise strengths and positive attributes which in turn develop confidence levels.
  • Understanding how important it is to participate and how rewarding this can be.
  • Developing choice and control over thinking and behaviour; this can result in improved confidence, self-belief, motivation, goal attainment.

Aiming Higher Programmes for Schools

We work with schools delivering programmes to improve students’ employment aspirations and interpersonal skills. This support helps to improve destination outcomes and prevent students becoming NEET by giving them training to develop resilience, confidence and communication skills.

Commission our Aiming Higher Programme

We run the Aiming Higher programme for organisations such as local authorities, welfare to work providers, schools and youth work groups. If you are interested in running an Aiming Higher programme in your organisation, please contact the team at Challenger Troop.

Aiming Higher Brochure

NEET and young persons bespoke training courses

Aiming Higher Referral Form Aiming Higher Brochure

More information

For more information about our Aiming Higher programme please contact Emma Nugent


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