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Message to our staff from the Secretary of State for Education

We were delighted to have received this message from the Secretary of State for Education, the Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP to our staff showing her support for the work that we do with our participants, partner schools and community groups. It is a wonderful end to an incredible year last year and we are very excited about 2016.

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Posted: 4, January, 2016
by Kevin Campbell

Could I express how strongly I support the continued funding of Challenger Troop and other Military Ethos programmes, given how much they are achieving for children across the country? I should say that I have visited Challenger Troop on many occasions and seen first-hand their achievements.

In East Kent, Challenger Troop have reached 316 pupils from 15 schools on their core programmes. They achieved a great deal locally for us. They have:

  • 4 students working to gain their BTEC Level II Diploma’s in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community and 15 students working to achieve their BTEC Level 1 Certificates in Teamwork, Personal skills and Citizenship this term.
  • 3 selective mutes on their programmes who have not spoken in school. Challenger Troop have reported that all three of them have starting to speak with them.
  • Reduced incidents of pupils harassing school office staff in one primary school from 3 to 4 per day to 0 (This is a current programme and the data is from this February 2016).
  • 3 students from the AP unit in one of our secondary schools successfully reintegrated into mainstream education following their core programme last term.


The Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP

Secretary of State, DfE

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